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What are the Types of Bets in 3 Cards Judgement Online Game?


3-Card Judgement is a versatile and engaging card game you can play anytime. Whether it’s a family gathering, a slumber party, or a long journey, this game will keep you and your loved ones entertained. One can even play online on Superwin. Superwin Sportsbook is the premier destination for Superwin Online casino enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive Superwin betting experience for sports, cards and casino events worldwide.

With its simplicity and straightforward gameplay, 3 cards game online offers great opportunities to win money. However, mastering the rules and employing effective tactics are key to outsmarting other players.

So, if you’re ready to discover the secrets of this thrilling card game, read on!


Your chances of winning a hand in a 3 cards game online depend on your ability to predict and use common sense.

Here are the basic rules of the game:

  • The dealer has 52 cards in hand
  • The dealer can choose any three cards from the table
  • The player guesses the first card to be dealt
  • If a player predicts at least one card correctly, they win
  • Alternatively, the dealer deals three cards from the deck
  • Players choose three cards to avoid being drawn
  • If none of the selected cards are revealed, the player wins

Understanding the Types of Bets

In 3-card judgment, the Ace holds the highest score, followed by the King, Queen, Jack, and so on, descending to the two with the lowest score. The player who creates a hand gets the next turn. The first player makes a hand during the initial round of the first game, consisting of 10 cards. Therefore, they get the opportunity to play first once again.

The player can confidently play the Ace of Spades, the trump suit, during the second round. As a result, all players must follow suit and play their cards. However, if players have no spades, they can play any other card. In this situation, the first player makes an advantageous move since all the spade cards have a lower score than the Ace.

In the third round, it’s the first player’s turn to play again. This time, player 1 decides to lead with the ten clubs. Player 2 follows with the five of clubs, and then Player 3 jumps in with the Jack of Clubs. Finally, player 4 plays the five of spades.

Surprisingly, player 4 takes the trick this time. Since he didn’t have club cards, player four cleverly used the trump suit to win the hand. It’s important to note that the Trump suit overrides all other suits in the game.

3 cards game online continues until all seven remaining cards from the first game have been played. If the 1st player successfully makes the five hands he predicted, he earns 15 points. Player 2, however, will receive zero points if he only manages to make four hands instead of the three he predicted. Player 3 will score 11 points for making exactly one hand as he anticipated, while Player 4 will receive no points if he fails to achieve his prediction of four hands.

If a player predicts zero hands and fails to make any, they will be awarded ten points. The points earned by each player are recorded on a score sheet or piece of paper.

The next game commences, with each player receiving nine cards, so the cycle continues.

Wrapping it Up

3-Card Judgement is a versatile and engaging card game perfect for any occasion. Predicting and using common sense are keys to winning. Master the rules, employ tactics, and earn points based on successful predictions and hand creations.


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